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        In our third year, we were given a month to create a fully animated short for the upcoming exhibition The Interwar Years in the R.A.F Museum in Colindale, London which is going to open to the public in autumn of 2023.  Our class got separated into 4 small groups, each having to create a film. I directed my group with the intention of doing most if not all of the animation in stop-motion, using a combination of cut-outs, 16mm film and minor rotoscoped animation. We also wanted to use the unique 4 screen format in a dynamic way so we immediately brainstormed a few sequences where an object or a character jumps from screen to screen or interacted with the format in an interesting way. We all worked beyond our strengths to produce around 5 minutes of animated content in less than a month and even though it was challenging, we were very happy that the curating team chose our film to be projected in the physical exhibition.

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