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       For my second year at Middlesex, I wanted to explore the personality of a manipulative liar who hides behind an innocent looking stop-motion puppet. I chose different animation mediums in an attempt to depict the fluid relationship with his identity, as he doesn't acknowledge his wrongdoings. Some of the techniques include cel animation, paper animation, sand and linocut backgrounds shot with a 16mm film Bolex camera.
The film took 87 days in total to produce

-Drama International Short Film Festival(European Award Qualifying) - Greek Student Programme
-London International Animation Festival- British Showcase

-Chaniartoon International Comic and Animation Festival

-Camera Zizanio Film Festival
-Athens International Film Festival
-Four River Film Festival
-The Paus Premieres Festival
-Animator Fest - European Youth Festival of Animated Film
-DUFF- Dubrovnik Film Festival
-Josiah Media Festival
-Filmfest Dusseldorf

-Josiah Media Festival - Third Place Winner in Animation
DUFF - Dubrovnik Film Festival - Best Animation 16-20 years old

Still no. 2 AWBD Anna Maria Leventi CMYK.jpg
still no. 3 AWBD Anna Maria Leventi0.jpg
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